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Hamilton and Helena are originally from South Africa and have lived in the US since the middle of 1994.  Their first years in ministry in South Africa, involved pastoring and pioneering a church plant as the Charismatic move gained strength in South Africa. They embraced the outpouring of the Spirit in the '90's, and, in 1994, came to America. They traveled extensively, introducing many churches to the River Outpouring with signs and wonders following. A passion for the harvest grew during these years.

During the first decade of the 21st century, Hamilton traveled in America and abroad doing healing meetings, the Lord Jesus healing many. In 2004 the door opened into Asia for the ingathering of the harvest. Hundreds of thousands accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior in large open air crusades. The blind saw and the lame walked as the Good News about Jesus was preached. The harvest we had so longed for was unfolding, but how do you gather and disciple? The Lord introduced us to the Man of Peace church planting model from Luke 10.  Soon, multiplying house church networks became the vehicle for gathering the harvest and soon thousands of people were being trained with every crusade to plant house churches. We call these house churches 'harvest houses', built around a 'man of peace' as Jesus described in Luke 10. 

Harvest and Revival burns in our hearts. Many prophecies indicate that a shift has been taking place as result of what we all have gone through during the time of Covid, both here in America and in many nations.  We are standing on the brink of the greatest harvest of souls in history. It is towards this harvest that our ministry here in America and in the nations is directed.

This vision of harvest and church planting, as well as the building up of the church is being fulfilled in the various aspects of our ministry:

Harvest Crusades & Revival Meetings

We continue to do Harvest  & Healing Crusades here and in the nations, as well as Revival meetings in local churches to stir the fire of the Holy Spirit, as well as minister healing and deliverance in the name of Jesus.  We are passionate about the clear preaching of the Gospel and the power of salvation through the cross and resurrection of Jesus.

Harvest Training Schools & Evangelism

We are equipping churches and believers, both here in the US and in the nations, to start harvesting in new ways, with a new wineskin of harvest houses.  This is primarily done in our Harvest Training Schools.  At times, as part of doing revival meetings over a weekend, we will also do some form of evangelism.  Whenever, we minister in the nations, we also train the locals to do evangelism and when we have a missions team working with us, we will get them to work alongside the locals.  Furthermore, we are continuing  to teach and train both individuals and groups of believers to minister in the basic foundations of:

  • Sharing the Gospel to win souls for Jesus

  • Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the sign of speaking in tongues

  • The Blessings of Believer's Baptism in Water

  • How to Minister Healing and Deliverance

  • How to Study the Word of God

These are done over the phone, over Zoom as well as individual meetings on one of these principles especially on Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Baptism in Water.

Book of Acts and other Bible Studies

For the past two years we have been doing a weekly Bible Study on the Book of Acts, both in person and over Zoom with three different groups a week.  We have done other Bible Studies over Zoom also.  Additionally, Helena has also developed several Bible Study materials for simple Bible Study in small groups..

Individual Ministry & Counsel

Wherever we minister we pray with people individually as well as laying hands on everyone who responds to the altar calls in meetings. Hamilton also prays for people over the phone.

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